Player Development

RRFC sets a high standard for professional sports conduct by developing players that demonstrate respect, honor, integrity, discipline, selflessness, and excellence during training and competition.  By modeling these principles, the club inspires others to compete with strong character and good sportsmanship.  Players are encouraged to be positive contributors to the Redding community by participating in local events.

The club trains players at the youth level through clinics and camps.  RRFC players also volunteer as guest coaches for local schools and club teams.  These mentorships provide skill and character development that prepares youth players to compete at the college and professional levels.


City Transformation

Redding is a city that is destined to be united around a professional sports franchise.  RRFC creates a sense of identity and achievement for the community by inviting sports enthusiasts, families, and local businesses to rally around their city’s team.  

Through strategic partnerships, RRFC aspires to see a thriving Redding economy.  The club’s events and social media platforms positively impact local businesses by promoting their products and services.  RRFC attracts fans and sponsors from outside of the community that stimulate the local economy.


Shasta soccer endowment fund

RRFC is partnering with the Redding community and national companies to benefit the local soccer community!  RRFC is raising funds to pay salaries to soccer coaches for their contributions to youth soccer in Shasta County.  The endowment also offers scholarships to youth players that need financial support to pay for the competitive soccer expenses or to participate in soccer clinics or camps. To contribute to the Shasta Soccer Endowment Fund, click below.