Date & Place of Birth
06/22/1987, San Jose California

Mount Shasta, CA

Playing History

High School
Mount Shasta High School

Shasta College
San Jose City
San Jose State

San Jose Clash Youth (Youth Club Squad)
Gold Olympic Developmental Squad
Mount Shasta FC (Club)
Mount Shasta High School
Shasta College
Chicago Fire FC

General Personal Information

Hobbies, Work, Degree, Civic Achievements, Family, etc.
Soon to be 'official' married to the most supportive person in my life next to my parents, Laura Aakre. We pretty much are married, i have no rights, I must answer to her, and we share bank accounts... I am the son of Kathryn and Jak Anderson and brother to Thais and brother in law to Rugby star Pierce Lobbon. I am the son-in-law to Jim and Doreen Aakre two tremendous supportive people.

Originally from San Jose California, moved to mount Shasta in 6th grade.

Hobbies / Certificates: I am certified through Beckett Sports Card Grading to authenticate sports memorabilia. I am big into the Sports Card Collectors World, I enjoy a little bit of gaming on the side as well as landscaping.

Favorite song: Lose Yourself by Eminem.

I have studied Major League Soccer since its inception in 1996. I have a full extensive library of data. I have study the game on my free time and I have completed a complete archival digital transfer of every game in Clash/Earthquakes history and have access to the entire library. I can safely say I've seen every game in San Jose Soccer History 1996-Current.

Zach Thornton, Joe Cannon, Jon Conway, Travis Mulraine, Tim Melia & Craig Waibel are inspirations and top 7 favorite players of all time. I try to emulate my playing style close to Thornton and Melia.

I hate snow, but I somehow ended up where it snows all the time.
I hate peas.