My Philosophy and qualities that make a good coach

Although all players as in life itself are not equal in talent, my challenge as a coach is to recognize potential and develop that potential to its full realization. Together with teaching the love of the game, comes the requirement that dedication in practice, leads to the improvement in a real game situation.

Qualities of a good coach:

  1. Enthusiasm
  2. Integrity
  3. Persistence
  4. Patience
  5. Good standards
  6. An open and inquiring mind
  7. Ability to diagnose
  8. Ability to inspire

My back ground

I have recently retired from teaching as an elementary and junior high teacher for 30+ in England and America.

Coaching Experience

I have been coaching for around 30 years in England and America. I have coached at all levels from elementary to 4 year college and adult soccer, both here and in England. I also have coached various tournament boys and girls teams from U10-U19.

I hold various coaching awards both from England and America, the highest being the Football Association Award from England.  I am also a licensed referee.

Team Successes

Various league successes both at elementary, junior high, league winners at Varsity levels both in boys and girls…for boys (Shasta) 4 Section Championships 2 championships and 2 runner ups.. for Girls(U-Prep) 4 Section Championships 3 x champions and 1 runner up…in England won league and cup championships for 5 consecutive years.

Soccer Playing

I have played the beautiful game from early elementary level up through high school, college and finally semi pro.


I have a BA Hons degree from The University of London in Politics and Economics. Also a Post Graduate Certificate of Education from Avery Hill College, London.